Gander Mountain

When seeking for outdoor recreational facilities, Gander Mountain is your ideal choice. It offers a wide range of facilities including hunting, fishing and camping. The company offers a range of field and sportswear for all categories including men, women and also children. To enhance this it runs over 152 stores in 26 states and this makes their products easily accessible. More to this, it operates online shopping facilities thereby enabling anyone in need to access their products irrespective of the geographical location.

What is offered by the company?

The products that are on offer are tailored for varying sporting activities. Such activities include fishing, hunting and camping. It is in this regard that the company offers a range of equipments and accessories that are essential for such expeditions. Among the common items includes guns, hunting gears, boats, kayak gears and effective clothing for each and every expedition chosen. The company also operates a boating and water sport catalog company through which it offers the clientele a range of sceneries to choose from for their expeditions.

How to place orders for the items from the company

The company is easily accessible through an online platform. In such it offers the users an easy to access website where all items on offer are displayed. All these are accompanies by their pricing as well as any discounts and shopping offers that may be available. In such a way, the shopper is able to choose the appropriate facilities depending on the projected expedition. More to this, it also provides easy payment options where the consumer can pay for their order from the confines of their homes. Further too this, shipping arrangements are also in place where any order placed is shipped from the in-store that is closer to the client and in such ensuring that delivery is fast.

Customer support

With a wide range of products on offer making the appropriate choice turns to be a difficult task for majority of customers. It is for this reason that gander mountain has in place a team of customer support staff well versed with the items on offer. As such, during the shopping expedition, the customer is expected to outline their needs and expectations and the customer care representative offers advice and guidance on the best selection to pick. The shopping can be done from either of the company’s websites that include and This is further enhanced with provision of learning materials that includes leaflets, manuals and DVDs to ensure that the buyer gets full information on the product they acquire.

Discounts and other incentives

To encourage shoppers, the stores offer discounts from time to time. These are displayed on the shopping websites with their relevant codes. In order to offer their clients a unique experience, the in-shops operated by the company are laced with more wider shopping aisles, higher joist ceilings, stone accents and bricks, log-wrapped columns and also wilderness related decorations. This is done to give the customer a welcoming feeling and as well to feel at ease while making their selection.